Now that you have elected to sell your own home, here are some TIPS to successfully list, market and sell your home.

First Part is to list your home: There are many sites that you can list your home on for FREE, site like Zillow, Craigslist, Backpage, Youtube, Hotpads, Oodle and many other. For a list of other free sites, email me and I can send you a list of others, but the main sites are the 6 just listed. Buyers today want to see more with easy access to see more, not have to jump through several steps to obtain an answer for what they want to know immediately.

Second Part is to market your home: Let all your friends, family and neighbors now your home is for sale, can not beat free word of mouth advertisement. Create a marketing flyer of your home with financing options so potential buyers know your home is within their budget. Have a “For Sale” sign on front lawn to drive buyers to a website to view additional photos of the home or a number so they can hear further details of the home like any special financing options. The more information a buyer knows of your home the more interested they will be to make an offer.

Third Part is selling of your home: Have a local qualified licensed mortgage professional assist you in this part, he or she can qualify the potential buyer to ensure they are properly qualified to purchase your home. Once there has been a qualified to purchase your home, you will need to have all the proper legal documentation in place to protect you and the buyer. You can purchase legal residential contract on line, select a real estate attorney to draw the purchase contract for a fee, contact a local real estate agent to have them handle the purchase contract for a fee. Do not relay on the escrow’s paperwork alone for your legal agreement.

Have ALL your steps in place before you actually decide to sell your home by owner. Download my free EBook for further details on how to properly sell your home the right way. Also, you can call or email me for further details on how to sell your home efficiently, effectively and with as little money as possible that will have the biggest impact to market, list and sell your home.